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Latest news: We will be closed due to Easter at the 22nd of April.

Guarnitauto engine gaskets

Since its foundation in 1954, Guarnitauto has been manufacturing engine gaskets with a high technological and high quality level, ensured by advanced production processes, quality controls and by a research and development department that carefully watches the evolution of the market and the technology.

The factory is producing a very large range of gaskets for all types of engines, a part of which is intended as first equipment to some engine manufacturers.

The goal of Guarnitauto is the continuous improvement of the product in order to satisfy its customers’ requirements, whether they are large industries, spare parts dealers or repairs shops, both in Italy and the rest of the world.

Opening hours

  • » Open for pick-up
    Friday: 12.30 till 16.30 hour
  • » Office hours
    Monday to Friday:
    08.00 till 12:00 hour & 12:30 till 17.00 hour
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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes


+31 (0)478 560009